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president | executive producer | garage media


i’ve worked with celebrity figures, such as Dr. Wendy Walsh, to craft their online presence to increase engagement, ratings and brand recognition.  for non-profits such as Fostering Imagination, to produce a transmedia campaign for their yearly fundraiser to seed the market, create awareness and increase donations. hired by The Pitch Agency i produced and launched the rebranded website and their 900 franchisee micro sites.

as Director of Marketing for global client, WyrdCon, we extended reach beyond the current community, increased online and offline engagement and succeeded in bringing in a 20% increase in registrations over the previous year. beyond these corporate brands, I work with countless solo-preneurs to begin and/or extend their online strategy and presence for increased profits and market share.

abbreviated client list

Academic Advantage

Annenberg Innovation Lab

Annenberg New Media Literacies

Arrogant Elbow

Dr. Wendy Walsh

Fostering Imagination

Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

Los Angeles World Airports

Osiris Sanction Live Urban Game

The Pitch Agency

Starving Students

excerpt from the | a transmedia campaign by Garage Media

"Today it was announced that the Fostering Imagination adventurers used Android HTC cell phones to transmit video. The video transmissions from their phones are so compelling that Android HTC phone sales have spiked by 15%. This tells us that those who purchase Android HTC phones are indeed out for adventure.

The marketing campaign for these phones is: “I don’t pursue freedom, I live it.” Does that give us a clue to the nature of the mystery at hand? Are the youth adults from Fostering Imagination on an adventure after all? Does their choice of phone point to their desire for freedom?

We don’t know. But we will keep you posted on the sales of HTC Androids in the coming days.”


this blog post pulled from the now defunct site created for the fostering imagination’s fundraiser: shipwrecked. created in conjunction with there was original content on three different websites, videos, newsletters, twitter feeds and facebook pages. 

the shortest distance between two people is a story. - ancient proverb

transmedia aims to create brand ambassadors who extend the profitability of your platform.

new technologies call for non-linear narrative content and transmedia storytelling gives audiences more control over how they consume and interact with this content. in transmedia, the non-linearity of storyline invites the audience to choose their own starting points, creating a totally personal experience. 

transmedia shifts the emphasis to the user and delivers a completely unique user experience. the focus is how the user participates in the storyworld rather than being entirely focused on the storyworld itself. transmedia responds and develops while cross-platform stories, on balance, are ensconced in their point of view. 

video from transmedia campaign by jennifer palais and garage media

"flyaway home", a site-specific transmedia performance spectacle at the van nuys flyaway conceived, choreographed and directed by sarah elgart consisted of storytelling across video, social media and on-site platforms. transmedia development and production coordination by jennifer palais and Garage Media. this transmedia campaign was made possible by generous funds from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and Los Angeles World Airports

to examine the cultural work of the mythology of vampires in 1996, for my Master of Arts degree in Modern American and English Literature I wrote the following thesis: “‘There are Kisses for Us All’:  The Undying Appeal of the Vampire Narrative”. i examine the cross-platform cultural discussion and dissemination of the vampire myth in what could be described as a transmedia approach to the material - although that term was not coined until 2001.


"Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) is the most enduring depiction of the vampire in all of fiction, for Stoker created a compelling character that continues to fascinate modern audiences. Anne Rice resurrected the vampire with her fresh perspective in Interview with the Vampire (1976), which became an instant cult classic and, along with its sequels, soon earned a mainstream readership.  Vampire literature drew Victorian and ancient audiences with equal fervor, and continues to enchant present day readers.  That such seemingly disparate cultures converge in their interest in vampires suggests that vampire fiction must be accomplishing some important cultural work that transcends any particular historical moment.  Focussing on Bran Stoker’s Dracula and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, the two seminal vampire treatments up to the present day, this thesis traces the manner in which each author crafted novels that communicate so well with so many.  I uncover the salient features of vampire mythology and fiction that have kept people coming back to the bookstores, libraries, and movie theatres for a century, if not longer.”

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